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Social Media Audit for Artists

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This service is designed specifically for artists who want to share their work with the world but need a little guidance on how to do it effectively. 

I'll start by taking a deep dive into your Instagram or TikTok account, looking at everything from your profile to your content to your engagement. Then we'll hop on a 1:1 virtual session to review the audit and create an action plan tailored to your unique goals.

Does this sound like you:?

  • You know Instagram and TikTok are important tools when it comes to sharing your work, but you lack consistency and a cohesive vision.
  • As a creative who wants to share with the world, you find navigating social media to be a overwhelming task..
  • You feel puzzled by the way the algorithm works.
  • You're unclear on which tools can use to optimize your accounts.
  • You’re confident in your craft but feel like you're not clear on best practices within the social media sphere. 
  • You're not sure how to leverage important analytics that you have access to from your social accounts or you don't know how to access this data at all. 

What's included:

  • An audit of your Instagram or TikTok account focusing on areas like your profile, strategy, and content.
  • 1:1 45-minute virtual session where we review the audit together and create an action plan.
  • A copy of the report for you to keep and track your progress.
  • The option to book additional 1:1 virtual sessions where we can collaborate to tackle your action plan together.




Social Media Audit for Artists - Brittany M. Reid