Artist Statement

Shapeshifting has become second nature to me as I move through mediums. My earlier collage work was characterized by bright colors and crisp lines, utilizing hand-cut assemblage that spanned from traditional paper compositions to experimental combinations with resin and spray paint. Every piece I created was infused with my personal experiences, as I invited viewers to witness the Black, femme experience with all its deserved richness, conveying nuanced emotions of joy, frustration, resilience, confusion, and passion.

I’ve now shifted my focus to embrace less defined emotional states in my paintings, which marks a deliberate departure from my previous collage work. In addition, my creative practice has expanded as I explore the realm of interior murals, where colorful, whimsical ideas are digitally sketched and brought to life on a grander scale.

In this new body of work, I seek to capture the moments where our minds wander into nebulous daydreams characterized by amorphous shapes and woozy, fantastical dreamscapes. Through these abstract acrylic paintings and expansive interior murals, I hope to encourage viewers to explore their own psychological fluidity and the significance of living in a liminal state.