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The vastness of the universe and the universality of nature’s connection to humanity spring forth in the work of prolific artist Brittany M. Reid. Born in Rochester, New York, frequent art gallery visits with their mother set Reid upon their creative path from a young age.

Obtaining their B.A. in Psychology and minoring in Fine Arts, Reid began developing their characteristic style while working with photography and painting, often depicting the nourishing quality of nature and close human relationships. When they began working with collage, Reid’s creative process was supercharged, leading them to create over 200 pieces within only two years of adopting the new medium. Through collage, Reid fused their inspiration and passion, joining their childhood love for nature and astronomy with their deeper understanding of the world’s injustices.

Reid co-founded the Instagram movement #BlackCollagesMatter, encouraging artists to create work that centered Black subjects. They then curated an art book published by {th ink} featuring works inspired by the movement, donating proceeds to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective. Reid has regularly exhibited their work in New York and been featured both nationally and internationally in several print publications and online editorials, including a commission by Allure Magazine.

Brittany M. Reid lives and works in Rochester, New York.

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You can read my Artist Statement here and check out my Artist CV here.

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